Sherri Schroeder

Teaches Moksha, Moksha Flow, Hot Hatha

I came to my mat over 16 years ago. It was likely curiosity and undiscovered flexibility that guided me towards yoga. As I began to move, I started find inner strength and focus. These qualities would keep popping up when I least expected it. From here I wanted to explore it charms and mysteries further. (not only in yoga but also in myself)
I have deep gratitude for my Moksha Community (Students and Teachers) whose goodness inspires me everyday. The gratitude extends further into my past for those I studied under earlier. (Hart Lazer/Jan Debenham) For all are my mirror.
Currently I am studying the healing branch of Yoga (Ayurveda) and hope soon to pass on these teachings and wisdom.
My intention is for the yoga practice is to bring you closer to yourself, here in the studio and also off your mat.