Tiffany Jones

Studio Manager, Teaches Moksha, Hot Hatha

After my first few classes at Moksha Yoga i felt drawn to keep coming back for more, in a different way than any other exercise I’ve tried. The postures felt natural and comforting and the studio felt safe, and free from any judgement or worry. The asana practice felt autonomous and yet welcomingly connected all at the same time. I kept coming regularly and the studio became that one place where I could come to disconnect from the pressures of work, finances, relationships, and body image ideals. As the postures challenged my inner strength and helped defy personal limitations, I not only discovered more about myself but I gained confidence both on and off my mat. As my practice developed I began to feel like I knew myself better, my authentic self. I started to be able to resist the pressures that seemed to bog my mind down off my mat. Yoga helps me keep fit: body, mind, and soul. And I’d love to share that experience with you. I completed my teacher training in Los Angeles in 2012 so that I am able to guide and support others. As you work with your breath and body through your asana practice I hope you’ll see positive changes both on and off your matt, in all aspects of your life. Come sweat with me, and see.
When I’m not at the Studio you’ll likely find me with my beautiful little daughter enjoying the outdoors at the park, beach, playground, lake or anywhere we can lay and watch the sky.