Challenge Details

This is a powerful experience to unite as a group.
Commit to 30 consecutive days of hot yoga.
It will change your life with personal transformation in your body and your mind.
Let’s sweat together!

One Month Unlimited Pass: $115 +tx

let us know at the desk if you are interested













Challenger Exclusive Events:
Sat Nov 11th @ 6pm: Deep Peace Practice w/ Sam
Sun Nov 19th @ 4pm: Yin Live Music w/ Sherri + Quintin
Thurs Nov 25th @ 1:30pm: Glow Flow w/ Lindsay
Thurs Nov 30th @ 7pm Last Day Live Music Class  w/ Jason + 8:30-9:30pm Celebration Party!





Challenge FAQ’s

1.What is a 30 Day Challenge?
•This is your opportunity to dedicate yourself to practice yoga every day for 30 consecutive days! Not only that but you are making this commitment with a whole bunch of other people so that we unite as a community. Sometimes the hardest part is just getting to the studio and knowing that you are not alone can be super inspiring. Let’s sweat together!

2. Do I have to do all 30 classes?
• Keep in mind this is a personal challenge, if you miss a class that’s okay! There is no yoga police coming to your door. The challenge is meant to motivate you to commit to a daily practice (or just more that you are practicing yoga now). So if you come 20 out of 30 days…YOU ARE STILL AWESOME! This is a personal challenge and you can make it your own (even come every other day). You always have the option to take two classes on a day to make up for a day you missed…if you feel up to it.

3. Is it safe to practice hot yoga daily?
•A daily practice is encouraged and now is your chance to explore the benefits it has to offer. Practice safely and remember to always listen to your body. Respond to your body’s signals, stay hydrated and pace yourself. Our teachers and staff are always there to assist and encourage you too. HAVE FUN!!

4.What are the benefits of a 30 Day Challenge?
•Yoga involves stretching, strengthening, and elongating of the spine. Breathing techniques and relaxation can help lower blood pressure, increase cardio-vascular health, increase lung capacity, release tension and stress. Yoga helps us relax and enjoy life

6.Can I participate in any class on the schedule?
•YES!!! Come to ANY class. The only classes that are tricky are Friday night Karma classes. You are welcome to come to these too because donating to charity makes you even more awesome. Let us know in advance if you are planning to come to these so we can hold a spot for you.

8.Do I have to attend the special classes?
•No, the workshops are there as building blocks and resources to help you, They are not mandatory.

9. Do I have to attend the tea party?
Well it’s not mandatory but we would love to see you there.  It’s fun to get everyone together after so much hard work. A wise yogi once said “ain’t no party like a yoga party cause a yoga party don’t stop….ok we just made that up. But seriously don’t miss this!